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                     LIVE COALS OÜ

                   Exclusive works of metal

    Our works are suitable for kings !
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Welcome to our new website
Estonian company Live Coals engaged in manufacturing of forged metal products upon order. 
The priority of the company is the quality execution of orders, performed by masters with years of experience in handmade metal processing,carried out in the ancient style and with respect for the old technology for processing metal.

Use of modern materials can improve the appearance of products and their quality.



Order must be agreed and by mutual agreement - signed contract for the work produced, prices and deadlines.

The samples of earlier executed works can be found in the photo album on the site

  • We also offer production sketches for the hand-forged metal works, made in different styles by our artist-designer.
  • For creating a sketch of the desired product to you, we need photographs of the object, where it will be installed or placed from different angles, so as to make it clear to the designer, what is the volume of the building, object or premises as well as detailed description.
  • It is desirable, as an addition, to shoot a video of the object in a small volume, so that the resulting video file can be send to us via email.


Upon completion of the negotiations you will receive three different variants of sketches,the latter of which you will be asked to pay according to the invoice issued by our company. We take no responsibility for manufacturing according to our designs by other firms. 


For ordering, please contact our managers of 

We look forward to your orders.



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